Private Equity in Russia and the CIS


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What is Eurasian Private Equity Group?

Who regulates Eurasian Private Equity Group?

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How is Eurasian Private Equity Group structured?

Who are your investors?

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What are EPEG’s competitive advantages?

Why doesn’t EPEG publish detailed accounts of its funds’ performance? How about audited financials of Eurasian Private Equity Group itself?

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What is private equity? Is EPEG a private equity firm?

Who can invest with Eurasian Private Equity Group?

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Why are the returns in private equity so high compared to the public markets?

1. What is Eurasian Private Equity Group?

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Eurasian Private Equity Group is a boutique investment management firm with a geographic focus on the emerging markets of Russia and the former states of the Soviet Union (FSSU). EPEG generates returns for its investors by providing investment opportunities into projects it develops and operates thereby retaining control over the investment and directly answering for its success. Replication of projects and concepts taken from the West for the Russian market is a viable business model with reduced risk. Our expertise in the legal, political and business environment of our markets through a highly qualified investment team local to our projects allows us to understand the opportunities present and our hands-on approach allows us to add value and ensure high-quality execution. Our focus tends to be in early-stage technology ventures, selected retail opportunities and real estate development. Our projects are chosen on their potential to offer outsized returns in comparison to their specific risk and through our ability to add real value in comparison to the market on an operational level. Individually and collectively, our team of professionals has continuously returned exceptional results to our investors. For more information, or to become an investor, please contact us.

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2. Who regulates Eurasian Private Equity Group?

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Eurasian Private Equity Group is regulated by the laws of the jurisdictions where it operates. Our commitment to excellence extends across both returns and fiscal integrity.

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3. How is Eurasian Private Equity Group structured?

EPEG is a management-owned investment manager that pools capital to undertake investment projects. The assets of each individual project are jointly owned by EPEG and the individual investors. EPEG is based in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Day-to-day management of the organization is conducted by its management team located in Saint Petersburg along with hired management in the project’s local office. EPEG uses outside service providers for certain ‘back office’ and management tasks. One of the advantages of working with EPEG is its small size and keen focus on its areas of expertise. We use professionals in each field; accounting, legal, etc. who focus on their own areas of professional competence, providing a well-rounded organization without weaknesses. Our focus investment evaluation and execution allows us to deliver superior results.

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4. Who are your investors?

EPEG investors are typically high-net-worth individuals, partner corporations, and family offices! We co-invest in every project we undertake. EPEG does not maintain a captive investment fund, rather it raises investment on a per-project basis.

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5. What are EPEG’s competitive advantages?

EPEG’s strict market and sector focus allows it to concentrate on our absolute strengths to provide lower risk, higher return investments than other one-size-fits-all investment houses. Additionally, our small size allows us to more effectively invest in opportunities of any size and stay closer to our investments. Top management is fully involved in each investment better protecting the investment and your money. Our management team invests its own money alongside our investors, so when we say we treat our investors' money like our own, we mean it.

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6. Why doesn't EPEG publish detailed accounts of its performance? How about audited financials of previous projects?

As investment managers operating in Russia and the Former States of the Soviet Union, EPEG is not subject to the same disclosure rules as other companies in Western markets. Nonetheless, this website contains a wealth of information about EPEG, its investment approach, and returns to investors. EPEG project-specific financials are collected for review by all interested parties on a quarterly basis.

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7. What is private equity? Is EPEG a private equity firm?

Private equity is a form of investing in which investment firms invest in private companies with representation usually at the Board level. Occasionally private equity firms make investments in public companies, which are called PIPEs or private investment in public equities. As of the second quarter, 2009, EPEG has no investments in publicly held companies. Private equity in its purest form is private investment into a private company, however EPEG considers itself a private investment management firm engaged at the operational level. We generally are the project sponsor or company founder for each investment.

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8. Who can invest with Eurasian Private Equity Group?

Because of the international nature of our investors and the tremendous variety and complexity of applicable laws in an investor's home country, it is advisable that you consult with a professional in your country before making investments. Our investors come from all four corners of the globe. In certain cases, national laws may restrict these types of investments to only "accredited investors" and "qualified purchasers". These types of investors are sophisticated investors with considerable financial resources. EPEG does not handle legal review and tax-planning assistance to its investors.

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9. Why are the returns in private equity typically higher than the public markets?

In the world of investing, rates of returns correlate well with rates of risk: the greater the risk, the greater the return; the lower the risk, the lower the return. Private equity investments are among the most risky investments and as such, there is an expectation that a successful project will result in superior returns.

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Exceptional Opportunities for Small and Large Investors

  • Small company buyouts
  • Government Privatizations
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management

Realize superior returns, capital appreciation, attractive capitalization rates and portfolio diversification in one of the world's top emerging markets.



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Saint Petersburg, Russia, Feb 24, 2006 -- Eurasian Private Equity Group Ltd., the Saint Petersburg-based alternative investments company,